2020 #1 – The State of the MENA Region: Lessons and Projections

An Introduction From The Editor

When I took over as the first dedicated Manara editor in March last year, I had big plans for this publication. The wealth of potential that it offered in terms of integrating student and academic writers; connecting with institutions around the world; and providing an accessible entry point into MENA

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2020 #2
September 4, 2020

Mother with children in refugee camp.

Refugees After the Syrian Civil War

In the Western world, the term ‘refugee’ has become synonymous with terrorism, extremism and Islamist Fundamentalism. As the conflict in Syria continues to produce more

A shepherd with his goat herd in drought-stricken Yemen.

Climate Change and the Middle East

Climate change and the Middle East can seem like two opposing forces, since the Middle East is home to the most influential and powerful petrol