2020 #2 – As Crises Unfold: How the MENA Region Responds

Welcome from the MENAF Executive Committee

In October of this year, the Cambridge Middle East and North Africa Forum (MENAF) will mark half a decade since its foundation as an intellectual hub at the University of Cambridge for those interested in the Middle East and North Africa. We have come a long way since our founders

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One of the challenges for those of us who study the Middle East and North Africa region has been the ever-increasing urgency with which to analyse information that will allow us to understand, as well as anticipate, change. As grassroots movements, bilateral diplomatic efforts and regional shifts in power relations

An Introduction From The Editor

Welcome to the second issue of Manara for 2020! Our theme this issue was ‘As Crises Unfold: How the MENA Region Responds’ – a pressing and prescient topic which, in many ways, is explored in real time within these pages. The core of our August issue is, of course, focused

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2020 #2
September 4, 2020

Yemeni young girl in mask.

Coping with the Covid Crisis in Yemen

For years Yemen has been plagued by civil war, starvation, and disease. With the new threat of coronavirus rapidly spreading across the country, how will

What is Covid-19 Teaching Us?

What is Covid-19 Teaching Us?

I welcome this opportunity to share what I have been thinking about this terrible Covid-19 pandemic. Like many of you, I have found this time

Uighurs protesting waving flags.

MENA and the Uighurs: An Analysis

Introduction China’s relationships with Western powers are in a state of crisis. This is partly a result of – and is shown by – issues

Man waving Libyan flag.

Libya: What is the Cost of Inaction?

In what was arguably one of the most shocking foreign policy developments and biggest news items of that year, NATO-aligned forces invaded Libya in March

Man shopping in mask in supermarket in Jordan.

Sense and Insensibility in Covid-19 Jordan

The Jordanian reaction to the global coronavirus pandemic draped swiftly across the Kingdom. The unified leadership strategy wove consistent messaging from His Majesty King Abdullah

Men standing in masks with gun in hands on Yemeni street.

Conflict and Coronavirus in Yemen

Introduction In 2019, the UN had reported that almost 80% of Yemen’s population was at risk of starvation and disease, and almost 78% lived in