Arab Gulf Security Series

The Persian Gulf from space (NASA Astronaut Ricky Arnold, 2018).

Published by Dr. Roby C. Barrett

Dr. Roby C. Barrett is a Middle East and North Africa Forum Fellow and a scholar and Gulf expert with the Middle East Institute, Washington, DC. He is a former Foreign Service Officer with a background in intelligence and special operations. In 2012, Dr. Barrett coauthored a special report on the Iranian nuclear issue as part of the Iran project at the Middle East Institute. He was also a keynote speaker and panelist on Iran at the 2017 Canadian-U.S. Intelligence Conference on Gulf Security, Washington, D.C. Dr. Barrett has been a Senior Fellow and Instructor of Applied Intelligence at US Special Operations Command and a briefer and subject matter expert with Special Operations—US Central Command. He provides support to various US government organizations including the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the National Defense University, the State Department, and the intelligence community. He has been a featured presenter at the National Defense University, State Department, USSOCOM and Special Operations-Central Command as well as with the intelligence community. He was a visiting professor at the Royal Saudi Arabian Command and Staff School focused on Gulf security specifically Yemen and Iran, a featured expert on Iran at the German Council on Foreign Relations and with the Bundeswehr. He has spoken at numerous Middle East conferences including the Bahrain MOI Gulf Security Forum, the opening of the King Abdullah Special Operations Training Center, and the Arabian Gulf SOF Conference. Dr. Barrett holds a Ph.D. in Middle Eastern and South Asian History from the University of Texas at Austin.